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  • May 1, 2018

    April 2018 at Policy Integrity:

    • Defending Vehicle Fuel-Efficiency Standards
    • Fighting Repeals of Major Pollution Regulations
    • Considering Climate Costs in Electricity Policy: Energy Storage and Capacity Markets
    • State and Regional Climate Policy: New York, California, Virginia
    • Pipeline and Coal Mining Approvals: Quantifying Climate Costs
    • Upcoming Articles: Regulation and Distribution, and the Next Battleground of Climate Change Regulations
  • March 31, 2018

    March 2018 at Policy Integrity:

    • Litigation on DACA, Car Standards, Coal Leasing, and Zero-Emissions Credits;
    • Valuing Pollution Reductions – New Report;
    • How the Trump Administration Is Obscuring the Costs of Climate Change;
    • Helping California Improve Energy Decisionmaking;
    • Public Comments on Energy, Climate, and Health Care;
    • New Articles on Monuments, Fossil Fuel Leasing, Energy Storage, and Public Comment Process;
    • In the News: Scott Pruitt and Climate Skepticism
  • February 28, 2018

    February 2018 at Policy Integrity:

    • Offshore Drilling Royalty Changes
    • History of Mineral Royalties
    • Virginia to Join RGGI
    • Comments on Clean Power Plan Replacement
    • Diversifying Environmentalism Conference
    • “Sloppy and Careless” Rollbacks
  • January 31, 2018

    January 2018 at Policy Integrity:

    • Comments on Offshore Leasing and Safety Rules
    • Feb 6: Event on Diversifying the Environmental Movement
    • New York and Colorado Clean Energy Policy
    • Comments to Federal Agencies – Fish and Wildlife, Labor, and Defense
    • Presentations on Federalism and Clean Energy Policy, Environmental Deregulation
  • December 31, 2017

    December 2017 at Policy Integrity:

    • Policy Integrity Brief Cited in Housing Rule Decision
    • Input on New York Energy Policy
    • Legal Briefs on Methane, Student Loan Rules
    • New Scholarship on Deregulation in the Trump Era
    • In the News: Defining Resilience
    • Recommendations on Marketable Permits
    • Top Articles of 2017
    • Comments on Environmental Rules, Public Health, and Regulatory Rollbacks
  • November 30, 2017

    November 2017 at Policy Integrity

    • Legal Briefs on Chemical Disaster Rule, Housing Voucher Reform
    • Briefs on New York’s Zero Emission Credit System
    • In the News: Could Energy Storage Increase Emissions?
    • State Climate and Energy Policy Efforts
    • Comments on Federal Climate Policy Issues, Flawed Environmental Impact Statements
    • Staff Spotlight: Madison Condon
  • October 30, 2017

    October 2017 at Policy Integrity:

    • A Misguided Plan to Subsidize Coal
    • In the News: Clean Power Plan Repeal
    • Revesz Receives New York Law Journal Award
    • Comments to Interior’s Royalty Policy Committee
    • Briefs: Student Loan Rule, Wyoming Leasing Case
    • Comments on Fuel Efficiency Standards, California Cap and Trade, and Nevada Energy Planning
    • Staff Spotlight: Avi Zevin
  • September 30, 2017

    September 2017 at Policy Integrity:

    • Clean Water Rule Repeal
    • Falling Cost of Clean Power Plan Compliance
    • BLM Waste Prevention Rule Litigation
    • States and the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases
    • Green States Conference
    • Court Decisions on Quantifying GHG Emissions
    • Comments to Federal Agencies
  • August 31, 2017

    August 2017 at Policy Integrity:

    • 9/26 Conference on State Energy/Climate Action
    • Experts Challenge Trump on Cost of Carbon
    • In the News: Latino Asthma, New Court Rulings
    • EPA Delays Methane Rule
    • Federal Agency Accountability
    • Staff Spotlight: Sylwia Bialek
  • July 31, 2017

    July 2017 at Policy Integrity:

    • National Monuments Under Threat
    • Pruitt’s Lawless Actions
    • Science Article on Toxic Contaminants
    • Defending the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases
    • Regulatory Review at Federal Agencies
    • Staff Spotlight: Jeffrey Shrader