The Issues

Policy Integrity employs sound cost-benefit analysis as our primary tool, so our work is applied across many social, political, and environmental issues.

Check out our work by specific issue below.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Often, governments will use cost-benefit analysis to make decisions about how far they’ll go to protect citizens. How they apply that analysis is a nuanced but important issue. The devil is in the details, and the details for economic analyses must be scrutinized.

  • Energy and Environment

    From renewables to offshore drilling, what makes sense for our economy? An economic perspective on green policies.

  • Health and Human Services

    In areas like education, housing, criminal justice, and health care, cost-benefit analysis can help direct government funds to the best programs—fighting cuts or poorly designed rules that are penny-wise but pound foolish.

  • Net Neutrality

    The Internet generates billions of dollars in value for the American economy. Keeping the Internet open and accessible is vital to preserving that value.

  • Safety

    When illness strikes, families can take a financial hit. When employees cannot go to work, there is an economic loss. Keeping citizens healthy and safe is in everyone’s best interest.

  • Transparency

    Policy Integrity works to encourage administrative transparency throughout the federal government.