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Jeffrey Shrader

Economic Fellow

Jeffrey Shrader is an Economic Fellow at Policy Integrity. His research focuses on econometric identification and empirical analysis of questions in environmental and labor economics including the impacts of climate change, environmental effects on worker productivity, and business responses to environmental changes. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, San Diego and a B.A., magna cum laude, from Columbia University. In 2018, he will join the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University as an Assistant Professor.

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Muddying the Waters: How the Trump administration is obscuring the value of wetlands protection from the Clean Water Rule — September 2017

Public Comments

Presentation to the New York Department of Public Service on Monetizing Externalities of Air Pollution — January 2018

Public Comments on EPA Methane Rule Stay — December 2017

Public Comments on the Clean Water Rule’s “Applicability Date” — December 2017

Public Comments on Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Electricity Markets to New York — November 2017

Public Comments on the Work Plan of the New York Carbon Pricing Task Force — November 2017.

Public Comments to FERC on the Southeast Market Pipelines project supplemental EIS — November 2017

Public Comments on California’s Cap-and-Trade program — November 2017

Public Comments on Delay of BLM Waste Prevention Rule — November 2017

Public Comments on the Reconsideration of the Mid-Term CAFE Standards — October 2017

Public Comments to EPA on the Clean Water Rule — October 2017

Working Papers

Expectations and Adaptation to Environmental Risks

Time Use and Labor Productivity: The Returns to Sleep (with Matthew Gibson) Accepted at Review of Economics and Statistics.

Academic Articles

Temperature Extremes, Health, and Human Capital (with Joshua Graff Zivin) The Future of Children, 2016.

Forecasting in the Presence of Expectations (with Roy Allen and Joshua Graff Zivin) The European Physical Journal: Special Topics, 2016.

Discount Window Stigma During the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis (with Olivier Armantier, Eric Ghysels, and Asani Sarkar) Journal of Financial Economics, 2015.

Financial Amplification Mechanisms and the Federal Reserve’s Supply of Liquidity During the Financial Crisis (with Asani Sarkar) Economic Policy Review, 2010.