Case Studies

  • The High Costs of Unsafe Prisons

    Partner: Just Detention International

    Running prisons safely costs money. But when corners are cut, there are economic consequences as well. When sexual assaults in prisons spike because of inadequate safety, it can result in long-term problems like higher recidivism, higher health care costs, and mounting litigation expenses, contributing to busting state budgets.

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  • Flooding the Markets

    Partner: National Wildlife Federation

    The National Wildlife Federation is concerned that the government’s flood insurance program, which provides insurance subsidies to homeowners in flood-prone areas, causes significant environmental damage. They brought the issue to Policy Integrity to look into the economics of the program—especially who benefits and who pays.

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  • The Numbers Behind Net Neutrality

    Partner: Consumers Union

    “Net neutrality” blocks internet service providers from discriminating against companies and organizations that generate content on the Web. It’s a policy that keeps the Internet generating economic value for consumers. Policy Integrity works in coalition with consumer protection groups, including Free Press and Consumers Union, in support of the policy.

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  • Calculating the Cost of Burning Fossil Fuels

    Partner: Environmental Defense Fund

    In partnership with Environmental Defense Fund and other national green groups, Policy Integrity has zeroed in on the value of government rules that curb greenhouse gases. Sometimes called the “social cost of carbon,” it’s an estimate the federal government uses to decide if climate regulations are worthwhile or not.

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  • Asleep at the Wheel

    Partner: Public Citizen

    In late 2008, just weeks before President Obama took office, the Bush Administration finalized a rule increasing the amount of time truck drivers can spend behind the wheel—creating a possible public health and safety hazard. Policy Integrity joined together with the Center for Science in the Public Interest, OMB Watch, the Society for Occupational and Environmental Health, and the Union of Concerned Scientists to file an amici curiae brief in litigation challenging the regulation in the D.C. Circuit, brought by Public Citizen and other groups.

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