The Numbers Behind Net Neutrality

Partner: Consumers Union

“Net neutrality” blocks internet service providers from discriminating against companies and organizations that generate content on the Web. It’s a policy that keeps the Internet generating economic value for consumers.

The Obama Administration has proposed a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule that would enshrine net neutrality in the United States. Policy Integrity works in coalition with consumer protection groups, including Free Press and Consumers Union, in support of the policy.

In a report released in January 2010, titled Free to Invest, Policy Integrity analyzed the economic impact of net-neutrality, and found that net neutrality “giv[es] players the best incentives for optimal investment … encourage[ing] a cycle that breeds more content, which in turn breeds more users.”

The report was used as the basis for Policy Integrity’s public comments and the arguments were incorporated into the comments of several other advocacy groups. The FCC rule has met significant opposition from within the cable and telecommunications industries, and Policy Integrity has become one of the leading voices discussing the economic arguments for net neutrality.

The second comment period on the rule ended on April 26, 2010. These comments will form part of the administrative record that will be litigated ifany final rule is challenged.

The Institute for Policy Integrity has played an integral role in fighting to keep the Internet free and open for consumers and innovators. They have broken down the complicated structure of the broadband market and provided sound economic advice to advocates, lawmakers, and companies seeking to preserve and promote one of the greatest economic engines of our time — the Internet.

– Joel Kelsey, Consumers Union

Issue(s): Net Neutrality