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Press Release Report Finds Major Economic Risks of Climate Change Missing from U.S. Government Assessment 03/13/14
Press Release Environmental, Science Groups Support Efforts to Determine the Costs of Carbon Pollution 02/26/14
Press Release Supreme Court Amicus Brief Filed in Support of EPA in Greenhouse gas PSD Permitting Case 01/28/14
Press Release Lawsuit Challenging Federal Offshore Drilling Plan Enters New Phase 10/23/13
Press Release Statement from Richard Revesz on the Supreme Court’s Review of Greenhouse Gas Regulation Opinion 10/15/13
Press Release Policy Integrity Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief 09/11/13
Press Release Statement by Richard Revesz on President Obama’s Climate Plan 06/25/13
Press Release Report Makes Recommendations for Fair Housing Regulations 05/10/13
Press Release Statement on Senators’ Letter to EPA Regarding Policy Integrity Petition 03/28/13
Press Release New Legal Petition Highlights EPA Legal Authority To Enact Nationwide Emission Controls 02/19/13
Press Release Statement on President Obama’s State of The Union Address 02/11/13
Press Release New Book Outlines Path to Smarter Environmental Policy Across the Globe 02/04/13
Press Release Think Tank Prepares To Bring Law Suit Against EPA 11/28/12
Press Release Statement on D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling on Fuel Efficiency 06/26/12
Press Release Study Takes Aim at the Confusing Debate Over Jobs and Environmental Regulation 04/03/12
Press Release Statement On President Obama’s Withdrawal of EPA’S Ozone Proposal 09/02/11
Press Release Statement on President Obama’s New Executive Order 07/11/11
Press Release Report: EPA Forty Years Overdue on Nitric Acid Rules 06/23/11
Press Release Statement on EPA’s Fuel Efficiency Labeling Rule 05/25/11
Press Release Report: Faulty Economics Helped Lead To BP Oil Spill 04/20/11