Too often, decisionmakers focus only on the costs of protecting public health or the environment.

But there are also costs of weak policies: lives lost unnecessarily, illnesses that can be avoided, consumers’ choices undermined, or the destruction of valuable natural resources.

Policy Integrity partners with advocacy organizations to use economics and law to ensure that the benefits of better protections are properly counted. In many cases, the benefits of stronger policies far outweigh the costs.

The Institute for Policy Integrity has partnered with a diverse array of organizations, including:

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Policy Integrity offers several different opportunities for advocacy organizations:

  • One-hour briefings on economics and issue advocacy
    Brief introductions to the concept of using economic analysis to promote stronger protections. Presentations can be conducted in person or via webinar. They are free and Continuing Legal Education credits are offered to lawyers who participate.
  • In-depth workshops on cost-benefit analysis and administrative law
    Custom-tailored strategy sessions for advocacy organizations interested in using economic analysis as part of their policy or regulatory agendas. They are free and can be conducted in person or via webinar.
  • Economic analysis consultation
    Advocacy organizations can use cost-benefit analysis to defend their priorities and strive for better, more robust regulation. Policy Integrity can help identify priorities that would benefit from economic analysis.
  • Regulatory consultation
    Policy Integrity can help leverage the power of administrative agencies for stronger regulation by initiating new regulations, commenting on proposed regulations, and challenging or defending final regulations in court.