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Iliana Paul

Policy Analyst

Iliana Paul joined Policy Integrity in September 2016. She received her Master of Public Administration from NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service in May 2016 with a specialization in International Development Policy. Before starting at Policy Integrity, Iliana focused on global climate and sustainability issues; she was the Program Officer for the Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA), interned for the United Nations World Food Programme and was a fellow at the Women’s Environment & Development Organization. She has also been an adjunct lecturer and teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate courses on public policy and the environment at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences and NYU Wagner. Iliana received her BA, magna cum laude, in International Relations and French from Mount Holyoke College, holds an International Program Certificate from Sciences Po – Paris, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

She can be reached at


Opportunities for Valuing Climate Impacts in U.S. State Electricity Policy — April 2019

The Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases and State Policy — October 2017


How State Power Regulators Are Making Utilities Account for the Costs of Climate Change — April 2019

Public Comments

Joint Comments to FERC on a Natural Gas Project EIS — August 2018

Public Comments to HHS on Restricting Public Funding for Family Planning Services — July 2018

Public Comments on BLM’s Failure to Monetize Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Riley Ridge and Greater Mooses EISs) — May 2018

Joint Comments on the Midcontinent Supply Header Interstate Pipeline — April 2018

Comments on Use of the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases in Environmental Impact Statements — March 2018

Public Comments on Regulatory Review (Small Business Administration, Department of Transportation, National Credit Union Administration, Food and Drug Administration, and Customs and Border Control Bureau) — December 2017

Public Comments on the Federal Highway Administration’s Proposed Repeal of the Greenhouse Gas Measure — November 2017

Public Comments Comments on the Colorado Climate Plan update — November 2017

Public Comments to Highway Administration and Army Corps on Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emissions — November 2017

Public Comments on California’s Cap-and-Trade program — November 2017

Public Comments on Regulatory Review (Commodity and Futures Trading Commission, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Department of Education, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and Department of Agriculture) — October 2017

Public Comments on Regulatory Review (Treasury Department, the General Services Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the State Department, the Department of Justice, the Farm Credit Association, and the Department of the Interior) — August 2017

Public Comments on FEMA’s Proposal on Public Petitions — August 2017

Public Comments to the Forest Service on Quantifying and Monetizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions — June 2017

Public Comments to Minnesota on the Social Cost of Carbon — July 2017

Public Comments on the Review of National Monuments — July 2017

Public Comments on Regulatory Review (Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee, the Federal Maritime Commission, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Coast Guard) — July 2017

Public Comments on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Impact Statement — April 2017

Public Comments to California Air Resources Board on the 2017 Scoping Plan Update — April 2017

Public Comments to EPA on the Clean Power Plan/Clean Energy Incentive Program — October 2016

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