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NYU Law Brown Bag Discussion of Retaking Rationality

  • Date: September 24, 2008
  • Location:

In an hour-long discussion Dean Richard Revesz laid out his case for the potential usefulness to environmental protection interests of cost-benefit analysisof environmental regulation. Describing the argument of his book, Retaking Rationality: How Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Better Protect the Environment and Our Health, co-authored with Michael Livermore, Revesz explained that proregulatory parties in the environmental debate historically have shunned cost-benefit analysis sessions, leaving antiregulatory interests such as industry to appropriate cost-benefit analysis—a vitally powerful part of regulatory decisions—for their own purposes. Revesz had witnessed this antiregulatory boycott as a member of the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board, an experience that ultimately prompted him to pursue the topics covered in Retaking Rationality.

Click here to listen to the discussion.