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Title Type Date
New Report Examines Economic Claims Behind Trump-Era Deregulation {ctagoery_name May 28th, 2020
Report on EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic {ctagoery_name May 21st, 2020
Statement on Cross-State Air Pollution Court Ruling {ctagoery_name May 19th, 2020
New Resource Tracks Reduced Enforcement of Environmental Laws Related to COVID-19 {ctagoery_name April 24th, 2020
Statement on EPA Undermining the Basis for Mercury Pollution Safeguards {ctagoery_name April 16th, 2020
Key Economic Errors in the Clean Car Standards Rollback {ctagoery_name April 1st, 2020
Statement on Weakening of Clean Car Standards {ctagoery_name March 31st, 2020
Statement on Attempt to Weaken Environmental Review for Infrastructure Projects {ctagoery_name January 9th, 2020
New Report Suggests Novel Improvements to Public Land Leasing System {ctagoery_name January 7th, 2020
Statement on FERC Expansion of MOPR {ctagoery_name December 19th, 2019
Statement on Lawsuit Against California Cap-and-Trade Program {ctagoery_name October 23rd, 2019
Statement on New York ZEC Program Court Ruling {ctagoery_name October 8th, 2019
Statement on “Close-Out Rule” Court Ruling {ctagoery_name October 1st, 2019
Statement on Clean Car Standards and California Authority {ctagoery_name September 17th, 2019
Statement on ANWR Leasing {ctagoery_name September 12th, 2019
Statement on the EPA’s Replacement of the Clean Power Plan {ctagoery_name June 19th, 2019
Statement on Court Ruling on Federal Coal Leasing Moratorium {ctagoery_name April 22nd, 2019
Statement on Clean Power Plan Replacement {ctagoery_name August 21st, 2018
Statement on the EPA’s Weakening of Fuel-Efficiency Standards {ctagoery_name August 2nd, 2018
EPA Lacks Legal Authority to Revoke California’s 2013 Waiver on Vehicle Emissions Standards {ctagoery_name August 1st, 2018