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Memo on Myths of Net Neutrality

November 19, 2010

In the discourse over net neutrality there are some important facts getting lost in the shuffle. There are strong arguments that weigh in favor of net neutrality, and there are reasonable arguments that caution against it. There is no reason for either side to rely on myths to win support.

So in an attempt to refute misconceptions, highlight flawed assumptions that underlie certain myths, or fill in the blanks where available information is too incomplete or ambiguous to support the conclusion being drawn, we drafted a memo for those on both sides of the net neutrality debate who are interested in clarifying some of it’s economic issues.

A few of the twelve myths busted in the memo are:

• Myth: ISPs will not do anything to reduce the value of the Internet to their consumers. It would be bad for business.
• Myth: Net Neutrality protections will cost jobs, or otherwise depress employment.
• Myth: Network owners require the ability to price-prioritize in order to build faster, more comprehensive Internet service.

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