What We Do

When done correctly, cost-benefit analysis can support strong government protections.

With this in mind, Policy Integrity partners with non-governmental advocacy organizations to facilitate their effective participation in the regulatory process. We also advocate for reform before courts, legislatures, and executive agencies, and contribute original scholarly research in the areas of environmental, public health, and safety policy.

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Advocacy Partnerships

Policy Integrity partners with advocacy organizations to use economics and law to ensure that the benefits of better protections are properly counted. Through presentations and in-depth workshops on the use of cost-benefit analysis, and consultations on government regulations and economic analysis, we help these groups reach their goals.

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Featured Case Study

Flooding the Markets

The National Wildlife Federation is concerned that the government’s flood insurance program, which provides insurance subsidies to homeowners in flood-prone areas, causes significant environmental damage. They brought the issue to Policy Integrity to look into the economics of the program—especially who benefits and who pays.

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