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Roundup: Trump-Era Agency Policy in the Courts

The Institute for Policy Integrity tracks the outcomes of litigation over the Trump administration’s deregulatory efforts in this Roundup.1 The Roundup includes litigation over federal agency rule suspensions; repeals; rescissions; efforts to weaken regulations through guidance, memoranda, amendments, or replacements; and other agency actions.2

Last updated August 6, 2019. Download PDF.

  1. The Institute for Policy Integrity has filed amicus briefs in several of the cases discussed in this Roundup. Policy Integrity did not represent any of the parties. ↩︎
  2. At times, advocates have brought lawsuits over a single deregulatory action in multiple different courts. The Roundup combines decisions from different courts regarding the same deregulatory action in a single entry. ↩︎
  3. Some rules that went back into effect were later repealed or further suspended by the relevant agency. Brookings tracks rulemaking activity on that front. ↩︎
  4. If and when a ruling vacating or enjoining a deregulatory action is not nationwide, that will be addressed in the chart. ↩︎

This Roundup includes outcomes of all cases of which we are aware and is continually updated with newly decided cases as well as new information and analysis.

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