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Environmental, Energy & Climate Justice

Our environmental, energy and climate justice work is focused on advancing equitable and just outcomes through research and engagement in the policymaking process. We accomplish this by building principled partnerships with affected groups and participating in a variety of policy proceedings.

Our work is focused on: (1) Developing and promoting robust distributional analysis of regulations and other policies to illuminate whether any economic or demographic group may disproportionately bear the burdens or receive the benefits; (2) Advancing environmental justice (EJ) analysis in government decisionmaking (with a focus on mapping tools, identifying EJ communities, finding disproportionality, and cumulative impacts); (3) Providing legal, policy, and economic technical assistance for EJ communities and relevant advocacy groups; and (4) Ensuring that relevant groups, including low-income communities and communities of color, are meaningfully involved in how decisions are made, especially in state and federal energy and climate policy proceedings.