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Past Events

  • Corporate Climate Risk: Assessment, Disclosure, and Action

    An increasing number of financial experts caution that markets may not be accurately incorporating climate-change related risks into asset prices. This conference draws together investors, companies, researchers, and regulators to ask whether this is true and what can be done to better evaluate the costs of both physical and transition risks.

  • Public Lands and Option Value: Information and Strategy Webinar

    This webinar provided an overview of public lands commenting strategy that includes legal and economic arguments centering on option value, or the informational value of delay. For decades, the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has offered too many parcels for fossil fuel leasing, at too low of a cost, and without considering the valuable tradeoffs inherent in its leasing decisions. One tool in the advocate’s toolbox to push back against this practice is to highlight the legal and economic need to account for option value (the informational value of delay in situations involving irreversible decisions, like leasing fossil fuels) in the public land planning process, as well as during the lease sale stage. This webinar discussed the key opportunities to advance these arguments; how to craft comments incorporating these arguments; and related issues, including how these arguments could shift if there is a new presidential administration.

  • Perspectives on Climate Change & Public Health

    In the coming years, it is crucial that policymakers, scientists, and advocates fully consider the serious threat that climate change poses to public health. Our online conference, co-sponsored by NYU Law's State Energy & Environmental Impact Center, will explore perspectives at the intersection of both fields. Experts from around the country will discuss climate-related health problems and some of the barriers working against the full consideration of health impacts in climate and environmental policy. 

  • Webinar: Getting the Value of Distributed Energy Resources Right

    Led by Energy Policy Director Dr. Burcin Unel and Senior Attorney Justin Gundlach, our webinar discussed the different values that distributed energy resources can provide to the grid, consumers, and society. We described how these values could be incorporated in compensation through "value stacking," a promising solution to current policy debates on net metering policies, and provided suggestions and a roadmap for implementing this approach. 

  • Book Talk with Richard Cordray

    This event has been postponed. We’re hoping to reschedule in the coming months.

    Policy Integrity is hosting a book talk and reception for Richard Cordray’s Watchdog, which details how strong consumer protections can benefit individuals, safeguard the marketplace, and establish a new baseline of economic fairness. Cordray, who served as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will discuss the book and related consumer protection questions with Richard Revesz.

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