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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/RTO Training Session

  • June 14, 2011 – June 15, 2011

This two day training session will bring together experts and practitioners for an in-depth discussion on the role of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) in shaping America’s electricity markets. Particular emphasis will be placed on ways that civil society groups can effectively participate in regulatory proceedings before these bodies.

Day One: Legal Constructs, Reliability Issues and System Planning

8:00-8:30 Registration and Breakfast

8:30–8:45 Welcome and Agenda Overview: Michael Livermore, Institute for Policy Integrity, Larry Shapiro, Rockefeller Family Fund

8:45–10:00 FERC and the Federal Power Act: Scott Strauss & Jeffrey Schwartz, Spiegel McDiarmid

FERC and the Federal Power Act

N.Y. v. FERC, U.S. 2001
Morgan Stanley v. PUD No. 1, U.S. 2007
GAO, 2008
FERC Order No. 2000

10:00–11:15 Roles and Structures of the RTOs: Paul Peterson & Doug Hurley, Synapse Energy Economics

Readings: See Overview of Electric System Economics

11:15–11:30 Coffee break

1:30–12:30 Leveraging FERC and RTOs: Mark Kresowik, Sierra Club, Abby Dillen, Earthjustice, Shanna Cleveland, Conservation Law Foundation

TOWARD A CLEAN GRID:Using Litigation to Push for FERC and RTO Reforms
SALEM HARBOR STATION: Planning for Retirement in ISO-NE

Cromby and Eddystone Retirement Study
133 FERC 61,130
Affidavit of Doug Hurley
CLF Motion to Intervene
FERC Hudson RMR Order
FERC Order Cromby Eddystone
FERC ORDER Cromby Eddyston Part II
Synapse, Public Policy Impacts on Transmission Planning
EIS Comments
Final Reply Comments
NJ Spotlight
DC PSC Motion
NJ BPU Order
RP Smith Reliability Letter

12:30–1:30 Lunch

1:30–2:30 Reliability Technical Analyses: Wil Burns, Wil Burns, Burns Law Firm LLC, Peter Lanzalotta, Lanzalotta & Associates, Hyde Merrill, Merrill Energy LLC

Transmission Technical Analysis: Risks and Conflicts
Transmission Planning for Lawyers?

PJM 2010 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan I
PJM 2010 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan II
126 FERC 61,152
Duquesne Light Letter
Electric Systems and Practices I
Electric Systems and Practices II
Hoyer RD 2010
Lanzalotta Testimony
NERC TPL Standards
EIPC One Pager
Payne v. Kassab
SCC Order
System Diagram
TrAIL Commonwealth
TrAIL 2008
TrAIL 2010
Westinghouse v. PUC

2:30–4:15 How and When Reliability Issues Are Addressed: Rishi Garg, FERC Project, Paul Peterson, Doug Hurley

Part A: Current system planning processes within an RT
Part B: Best practices for improving system planning and reliability issues

What’s an RTEP?!?

MISO 1010 Regional Generation Outlet Study
April 27 2011 MISO Presentation on Future Scenario Updates
March 30, 2011 New York ISO IPSAC Presentation on EE Forecasting
California 2010-2011 Transmission Plan
March 23, 2011 MISO Presentation on EPA Impact Analysis
2009 New England Regional System Plan
2010 New England Regional System Plan
Midwest NGO Electric System Planning Primer
One Pager on EIPC

4:15–4:45 How to Talk to Transmission Engineers: Doug Hurley, Shanna Cleveland, Peter Lanzalotta

Growing Pains

Day Two: Beyond Reliability: Economics, Efficiency, Demand, and Clean Energy

8:00-8:30 Breakfast

8:30–9:15 Strategies for Addressing Change at FERC and the RTOs: Sue Tierney, Analysis Group, Larry Shapiro

A new lens on responding to near-term changes

MJBA Reliability Report I
MJBA Reliability Report II
Tierney Letter

9:15–10:45 Overview of Electric System Economics: Paul Peterson, Doug Hurley

Wholesale Electric Market Economics

New England 2010 Annual Markets Report
Summary of ISO New England Scenario Analysis
PJM 2010 State of the Markets Report
PJM 2010 Market Highlights

11–12:30 Advancing Demand-side and Renewable Alternatives: Jonathan Peress, Conservation Law Foundation, Abigail Krich, Boreas Renewables

Advancing Renewable Alternatives
Advancing Demand-side and Renewable Alternatives

Determining the Capacity Value of Wind: An Updated Survey of Methods and Implementation
Midwest ISO’s Resource Adequacy Construct, An Evaluation of Market Design Elements
FERC Order Accepting SPP Highway/Byway Cost Allocation
New England Wind Integration Study Final Report
FERC Order 745 Memo
Order 61,029
Order 745

12:30–1:30 Lunch

1:30–2:30 Improving Electric System Economics for our Preferred Energy Options: Michael Livermore

Readings: See Overview of Electric System Economics

p.2:30–3:00 Wrap Up: Michael Livermore