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Millbank Tweed Forum: The Economics of Climate Change

  • Date: February 29, 2012
  • Location:

From 12:25 till1:50 p.m.
Greenberg Lounge of Vanderbilt Hall
NYU School of Law
40 Washington Square South
New York, NY

At the same time that warnings from the scientific community about the dangers of climate change grow more urgent, hope for action at the international level has fallen to a new low, and progress on legislation at the domestic level has ground to a halt. Fears about the costs of controlling greenhouse gas emissions, including job losses and rising energy costs, have taken on particular importance in light of the global economic slump. How can the costs of inaction be expressed in economic terms? How should harms to generations in the far future be valued? How can the United States and the international community ensure that all major emitters, including developing countries, take steps to embrace clean energy, efficiency, and conservation. What business risks and opportunities are posed by a carbon constrained future? A panel of experts, moderated by Institute for Policy Integrity Executive Director Michael Livermore, will address these questions—and yours as well—on what climate change means for our economic future.

Michael Greenstone, 3M Professor of Environmental Economics, MIT; Former Chief Economist, Council of Economic Advisers
Keith Johnson, Journalist, The Wall Street Journal
Richard Stewart, University Professor and John Edward Sexton Professor of Law; Director, Frank J. Guarini Center on Environmental and Land Use Law, NYU School of Law

Michael Livermore ’06, Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Integrity, NYU School of Law