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File Notice of Intent to Sue EPA

Today we submitted a notice of intent to sue EPA for failing to take certain actions to guard against climate change. In 2009, we asked the EPA to limit the carbon emissions that come from mobile sources like cars, boats and planes. The agency did not respond, as it is legally required, so we will now take the next step in notifying them of our intention to sue.

The damage caused by Superstorm Sandy was widely linked to some of the potential risks associated with a warming planet. It highlighted the need to work faster to bring down emissions.

Over the past four years, the Environmental Protection Agency has put several regulations in place to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. But none are as comprehensive and cost-effective as placing a cap on emissions. That means companies pay more than necessary to comply.

The EPA has the legal authority to establish a cap‐and‐trade system to control emissions from fuels used in vehicles under Section 211 and 231 of the Clean Air Act. We urge the agency to look beyond Congress for permission to do so and end its delay in implementing the best method for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.