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Resources on Congressional Regulatory Bills

The House of Representatives has passed several bills that could have devastating effects on the federal regulatory process. To help journalists and policymakers understand the potential impact of some bills currently moving through Congress, we recently published a series of fact sheets. These bills include the Midnight Rules Relief Act, which would allow Congress to repeal thousands of rules in a single resolution; the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would rewrite notice-and-comment rulemaking procedures and create extraordinarily burdensome hurdles in rule implementation; and the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, which would require Congress to review and retroactively approve all existing regulations and prevent agencies from issuing statutorily required rules unless approved by Congress. The Senate will soon vote on many of these bills, including a revised but still troubling version of the Regulatory Accountability Act.

Safeguards that protect public well-being, including environmental policies, rely on the transparency and accountability of the regulatory process. Our recent reports and media coverage are responding to deregulatory efforts and common arguments used against cost-benefit justified regulation. Our Government Transparency and Accountability page compiles our recent publications and media coverage in response to deregulatory efforts and arguments against cost-benefit justified regulation.