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Responses to Policy Integrity fuel efficiency public comments

Today, federal agencies issued new regulations on fuel efficiency standards—for the first time, limiting the amount of greenhouse gas emission allowed from cars and trucks.

In their final rules, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Agency responded directly to Policy Integrity’s comments on the rules. In particular, EPA noted that it agreed with our position on the social cost of carbon and will take into consideration our suggestion that a national motor vehicle cap-and-trade should be instituted.

Following a Policy Integrity recommendation, EPA added a bit more flexibility to allow manufacturers to focus on the reduction of nitrous oxide or other greenhouse gases rather than just carbon dioxide, if those changes would be more efficient at reducing more potent greenhouse gas emissions.

Though long overdue, these tailpipe standards represent a major step forward in terms of controlling climate change.

Already some industry groups have already filed suit in the federal appeals court challenging the rule.