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Addressing the Social Costs of Driving Through a Vehicle Miles Traveled Fee

  • March 24, 2021
  • 12:00pm–1:15pm
  • Webinar

A video recording of the event is available here.

You can also view Matt Butner and Justin Gundlach's presentation slides.

No comprehensive climate policy can achieve its goals without addressing the transportation sector – the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

A well-designed clean transportation policy can do more than reduce GHG emissions, it can mitigate billions of dollars in economic harms from freight and passenger transportation, by reducing local air pollution (which disproportionately burdens disadvantaged communities), stalling the ever-increasing trend in traffic congestion, and diminishing motor-vehicle related fatalities. A report, published this last fall by the Institute for Policy Integrity, A Pileup: Surface Transportation Market Failures and Policy Solutions, analyzes these social costs, and as one option, proposes transitioning transportation funding toward a vehicle miles traveled tax. Please join the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation and the Institute for Policy Integrity for a webinar discussing the report and the path to a road user pricing system.


Robert D. Atkinson (moderator), President, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Matt Butner, Economist, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Justin Gundlach, Senior Attorney, Institute for Policy Integrity

Barb Rohde, Executive Director, Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance