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  • Letter to OIRA on Interagency Coordination

    Policy Integrity submitted a letter to OIRA Administrator Cass Sunstein today with recommendations for how OIRA can improve interagency coordination. The letter focuses on two key areas: (1) concerns about regulatory conflict, and (2) potential for harmonization of cost-benefit analysis methodology.

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  • President Obama Signs New Executive Order

    President Obama signed off today on a new Executive Order aimed at identifying and reducing regulatory burdens. It calls upon agencies to evaluate the effectives of old rules and issue reports on their progress.

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  • Public Comments to the Administrative Conference of the United States

    Today, Policy Integrity submitted public comments to the Administrative Conference of the United States regarding their Committee on Regulation’s proposed recommendations for review of regulatory analysis requirements.

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  • Suggestions to the Small Business Administration on Regulatory

    This week, President Obama laid out his blueprint for lowering corporate taxes. The response from Republicans: small businesses will suffer.

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  • Letter to U.S. Parole Commission on Responding to Parole Violators

    The United States Parole Commission, the board responsible for granting parole and supervising parolees in its jurisdiction, is considering a proposal to improve its procedures for determining how to respond when released offenders violate the terms of their parole.

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  • Does Process Matter Cover

    Does Process Matter

    Regulatory Procedure and Regulatory Output in the States

    Rulemaking in the states has become much more widespread than it was when many state legislatures began to pass their administrative procedures acts more than 40 years ago. A wide diversity of rulemaking procedures presents a natural laboratory in which to study several questions that have long interested scholars of the regulatory process. This paper finds that the level of rulemaking is more closely correlated to the lawmaking activity in the state rather than proceduralization which suggests no disrespect for the law, as Churchill argued, but rather that the lawmakers themselves have given rise to the thousands of regulations in the states.

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  • Can Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Policy Go Global? Cover

    Can Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Policy Go Global?

    The use of cost-benefit analysis of environmental policy is spreading from the United States, where it has the longest tradition, to other parts of the globe. This paper discusses the challenges posed for cost-benefit analysis as it spreads, and how it can evolve to meet those challenges.

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  • Letter to HHS on Proposed Transparency Reporting Rule

    Policy Integrity submitted a letter today to the Department of Health and Human Services on its upcoming Transparency Reporting rule, mandated by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The rule would develop uniform disclosure standards for group health plans and health insurance issuers, requiring them to provide consumers with new, more detailed information on likely co-pays for particular plans or treatments; providers would also have to provide consumers with a document that summarizes benefits and explains coverage clearly in four pages or less.

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  • Comments on Preliminary Plans for Periodic Retrospective Reviews of Existing Regulations

    In January, President Obama issued a call for all federal agencies to review their existing regulations, looking for rules that had grown outdated, ineffective, or insufficient over time. Back then, there was much discussion over whether the move was a gift to business or a robust defense of strong protections even in a downturned economy.

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  • Dr. Adam Finkel Gives Congresional Testimony on Regulations

    Policy Integrity advisor Dr. Adam Finkel recently answered questions from Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) on regulations and their effect on jobs and businesses as part of testimony given during a House Committee on Small Business hearing.

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