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The Institute for Policy Integrity produces three types of publications: policy briefs, reports, and academic articles/working papers. Our policy briefs provide incisive and focused analysis on timely policy topics. Our reports develop deeper research on our core issues. Our academic articles and working papers offer original scholarly research and analysis from established experts as well as fresh new voices.

Latest Publications

  • The Globalization of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Policy

    The Globalization of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Policy

    By Richard L. Revesz and Michael A. Livermore
    February 5, 2013

    The Globalization of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Policy examines how cost-benefit analysis can help developing and emerging countries confront the next generation of environmental and public-health challenges. Analysis in the book examines the growing reach of cost-benefit analysis; presents relevant case studies where cost-benefit analysis has been incorporated in the Americas, Africa, Middle East, and Asia; and includes a discussion on the conceptual and institutional issues that must be addressed when adopting cost-benefit analysis in developing and emerging countries. By providing both theoretical and practical discussion of this important new tool, this book makes a valuable contribution to the fields of environmental policy, development studies, and environmental law.

  • Peak Efficiency
    Policy Brief

    Peak Efficiency

    How Regulating Electricity Demand Could Save Lives in New York City

    By Jason A Schwartz, Kevin Cromar, and Steven Soloway
    October 1, 2012

    This policy brief discusses an on-going inter-disciplinary study to measure whether laws that reshape local electricity demand can achieve significant health benefits in New York City. A
    collaborative effort of legal, economic, and public health researchers, the study will answer crucial questions that should inform New York’s energy planning decisions

  • Regulatory Report

    Regulatory Report

    Interagency Data Interoperability

    By Policy Integrity
    June 26, 2012

    This report shows what could be accomplished if straightforward changes were made to improve the way agencies interact. By sharing data, using the same metrics and coordinating on target populations, agencies could improve the impact of social services and stretch every tax dollar.

  • Regulatory Red Herring

    Regulatory Red Herring

    The Role of Job Impact Analyses in Environmental Policy Debates

    By Institute for Policy Integrity
    April 3, 2012

    The debate on jobs and environmental regulation too often relies on thinly-supported forecasts about jobs “killed” or “created” by public protections. In the din, questions about larger costs and benefits of protections for clean air or water can get lost.

  • Are Passenger Vehicles Positional Goods?
    Academic Article/Working Paper

    Are Passenger Vehicles Positional Goods?

    Consumer Welfare Implications of More Stringent CAFE Standards

    By Institute for Policy Integrity
    February 10, 2012

    Are Passenger Vehicles Positional Goods? examines to what degree vehicles generate consumption externalities that are not currently corrected for by the market, and whether a
    uniform downward shift in the size of the passenger vehicle fleet will actually result in reduced consumer welfare.