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Third Annual Workshop on Cost-Benefit Analysis and Issue Advocacy

  • October 26, 2011

The Institute for Policy Integrity will bring together leading practitioners, government officials, and academics for our third annual workshop on cost-benefit analysis and the federal regulatory process.

The workshop will include both introductory sessions providing background on cost-benefit analysis as well as several in-depth panels with leading national experts on the theme of transportation policies and climate change, as well as breakout strategy sessions on a number of issues. The expert panels will be held on subjects like cost-benefit analysis of transportation infrastructure and the empirical evidence of a “rebound effect” associated with energy efficiency standards.

Panelists will include Kenneth Gillingham, Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; Joshua Linn, Resources for the Future; and Gernot Wagner, Environmental Defense Fund. These panels will be complemented by a session devoted to providing background and introduction on how cost-benefit analysis affects the regulatory process. An introductory session will be geared to policy advocates looking to enhance their knowledge of economics—it will focus on how the regulatory process is influenced by cost-benefit analysis through the process of regulatory review by the executive branch and the courts.

A series of breakout sessions will be held at the end of the day, facilitated by leading advocates, on the subjects of environmental advocacy, Internet advocacy, and criminal justice advocacy. These breakout sessions will focus on how economics and cost-benefit analysis can help promote progress on these issues.

The full agenda is available here and detailed descriptions of both the advocacy and the advanced economics sessions are available here.

The workshop is free, and meals will be provided, but space is limited. Continuing Legal Education credit will be available for some sessions. To attend, RSVP to Luan Khoung at [email protected] or 212-992-8932.

PowerPoint Presentations

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Transportation Infrastructure
Comprehensive Evaluation of Public Transport As An Emissions Reduction Strategy
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Transit Projects: Current Practice and Methodological Advances
How Transit Affects Economic Productivity

Consumer Welfare and Automobile Fuel Efficiency
Consumer Choice and The Welfare Impacts of Cafe Standards
Fuel Economy and Safety
Consumer Welfare and Automobile Fuel Economy

Energy Efficiency and the “Rebound Effect”
Rebound Effect:Overview and Recent Research

For those Interested in CLE credits, please see the suggested reading materials below, divided by session:

Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Regulatory Process
The Federal Rulemaking Process: An Overview, CRS Report for Congress
Executive Order 12866
OMB Circular A-4

Milbank and Tweed Forum: Jobs and the Environment
Regulation, Unemployment, and Cost Benefit Analysis

Environment Breakout Session
Executive Order 13563
More Residual Risks
EPA Retrospective Review Plan

Social Policy Breakout Session
Balanced Justice
Comments on HHS Retrospective Plan
Cass Sunstein on Healthcare
Executive Order 13563
Public Comments on Head Start

Criminal Justice Breakout Session
Balanced Justice
Executive Order 13563
Executive Summary of DOJ’s PREA rule impact analysis

Municipal, State, and Federal Integration of Economic and Environmental Progress
52 Experiments with Regulatory Review
Does Process Matter