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  • This One Number Could Change How the U.S. Handles Climate Change

    The Obama White House was the first to require government agencies to use the social cost of carbon as part of any cost-benefit analysis of new regulations. This is not to say that the Obama administration’s method was perfect. Peter Howard, an economist at New York University’s Institute for Policy Integrity, has identified significant damages that will result from climate change that the Obama administration failed to account for, like fishery damage from ocean acidification and public health impacts from wildfires.

  • Biden Names Glick as FERC Chair

    The Department of Energy also announced a slate of appointees to senior leadership positions. Avi Zevin, formerly a senior attorney and affiliated scholar at the New York University School of Law’s Institute for Policy Integrity, was appointed deputy general counsel for energy policy.

  • Here Are All the Climate Actions Biden Took on Day One

    Now up for review is the 2019 rule repealing and replacing Obama’s flagship Clean Power Plan for existing power plants. This week's decision by a federal court to throw out the Trump rule greases the skids by allowing EPA to return to the drawing board to decide how power plants should be regulated. “The rule that the Biden administration will write will be written against the backdrop of some prediction of not just what the D.C. Circuit would do, of which we now have a fairly good sense, but also what the Supreme Court could do, which we don’t know,” said Richard Revesz.

  • Biden Announces Senior DOE Staff

    Avi Zevin will be deputy general counsel for energy policy. He is an attorney with experience advancing electricity policies. He was a senior attorney and affiliated scholar at the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University School of Law and an attorney at Van Ness Feldman LLP.

  • NYU Group Replaces Leaders Headed for Biden Admin

    As former Interior Department official David Hayes heads for the Biden administration, the group he has helmed for four years is getting a new set of leaders. Bethany Davis Noll will serve as executive director of the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at the NYU School of Law, which has promoted actions by state attorneys general to fight the Trump administration's environmental rollbacks. Jessica Bell will be the center's deputy director, stepping in to replace Elizabeth Klein.

  • How Biden Plans to Reverse Trump’s Environmental Strategy

    “It’s a laborious, time-consuming process,” said Richard Revesz, a professor of environmental law at New York University, who was on Mr. Biden’s short list to run the E.P.A. “No one doubts the EPA’s authority to put these regulations on auto pollution back in place,” Mr. Revesz said. “But they can’t just make the Trump rules go away by executive order."

  • Biden Orders Sweeping Review of Trump Regulations

    President Biden issued a sweeping executive order Wednesday to review former President Trump's environmental rollbacks across the federal government. "It is an unusually long list of regulations to be reviewed," said Richard Revesz, whose name has been floated as a potential White House regulatory chief. "The reason for the unusual length of this list is that no prior administration has ever taken so many actions that do so much harm to the health of the American people and the environment."

  • Court Dumps Trump ‘Affordable Clean Energy’ Plan

    Richard Revesz, director of the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University’s law school, a non-partisan group, said EPA’s legal theory has been “unsupportable” and called the erstwhile ACE regulation the Trump administration’s top environmental policy.

  • Court Ruling Positions Biden to Bolster Clean-Air Regulations

    “It’s fitting that, on the Trump administration’s last day in office, the D.C. Circuit forcefully struck down the signature item of its environmental agenda,’’ said Richard Revesz, director of the Institute for Policy Integrity at NYU School of Law.

  • U.S. Appeals Court Tosses Out Trump Power Plant GHG Rule

    Richard Revesz, director of New York University School of Law's Institute for Policy Integrity, said the Trump administration devised "an unsupportable legal theory" to justify the repeal of the Clean Power Plan.