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  • IPI Outlines Deregulatory Efforts that Worsen Covid-19

    New York University’s Institute for Policy Integrity (IPI), which has often been critical of President Donald Trump’s environmental rollbacks, is seeking to document the administration’s deregulatory efforts that have worsened the health risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in vulnerable communities. IPI’s July 14 report, “Weakening Our Defenses,” cites “multiple government failures” as responsible for the “staggering spread of COVID-19” in the U.S. as well as its devastating health and economic tolls.

  • Deregulation’s Deadly Consequences: How Trump’s Assault on Government Exacerbated the Pandemic

    President Donald Trump's ongoing efforts to roll back regulations designed to protect the environment, workers, and public health likely played a significant role in the spread of Covid-19 in the United States.That's according to a new report released Tuesday by New York University School of Law's Institute for Policy Integrity (IPI), a nonpartisan policy think tank. The 45-page report titled "Weakening Our Defenses" details how Trump's far-reaching deregulatory push has exacerbated several major risk factors for contracting and spreading Covid-19, such as high levels of air pollution, hazardous working conditions, and lack of adequate health insurance.

  • GAO Finds Trump Administration Devalued Carbon Costs to Roll Back Regulations

    Richard Revesz, director of the Institute for Policy Integrity and professor of law and dean emeritus at NYU School of Law, suggested the GAO's findings provide "yet another example of how the administration is ignoring science and economics in its policy decisions."

  • Trump’s Rollbacks Weakened Defenses Against Virus

    Regulatory rollbacks across the entire executive branch have put more Americans at risk for the coronavirus, according to a new report from New York University's Institute for Policy Integrity. "This administration's problematic policies have increased our collective susceptibility to COVID-19, and the consequences are getting more dire by the day," said Jason Schwartz, who authored the report, called "Weakening Our Defenses: How the Trump Administration's Deregulatory Push Has Exacerbated the COVID-19 Pandemic."

  • Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda Has ‘Exacerbated’ COVID-19 Pandemic

    The Trump administration’s relentless push to gut dozens of environmental and public health safeguards worsened the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, a new report from New York University School of Law found. The lengthy analysis, which NYU’s Institute for Policy Integrity published Tuesday, comes as President Donald Trump and his team act as if the coronavirus threat is waning ― when the U.S. outbreak stands out as one of the worst in the world ― and as they work to finalize a frenzy of environmental rollbacks ahead of November’s election. “The administration’s problematic policies have increased our collective susceptibility to Covid-19, and the consequences are getting more dire by the day,” Jason Schwartz, legal director at the Institute for Policy Integrity and author of the report, said in a statement.

  • Trump Rollbacks of Energy Regulations Won’t Survive a New Administration

    “I think all of this will come back to haunt Trump,” says Richard Revesz, director of the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University School of Law. “By making very aggressive use of tools to dismantle the policies of the prior administration, Trump has made it easier for the next administration to do the same. Once the norms are broken, it's easier for the next administration to follow what looks like the new normal.”

  • Inquiry Prompted by Trump’s Hurricane Dorian Claim Is Being Blocked, Investigator Says

    Richard L. Revesz, a law professor and director of the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University Law School, said events described in the memo amounted to “uncharted waters” and reflected a broader pattern of the Trump administration’s actions toward inspectors general at other agencies. “The inspectors general are part of a system of ensuring that agencies operate within the law,” Mr. Revesz said. “Every citizen should actually care about that.”

  • High Court Rulings Highlight Trump’s Administrative Law Stumbles

    Bethany Davis Noll, who directs NYU’s Institute for Policy Integrity, noted that “Republican-appointed judges are finding against the administration at a similar rate to the Democratic judges.” And these losses at the hands of Republican appointees run the gamut, from immigration to environment to health care. Both the census and DACA cases “went against the administration even though the Supreme Court is majority Republican,” Noll said.

  • Trump Administration’s ‘Sloppy’ Work Has Led to Supreme Court Losses

    The rulings showed that in key instances Trump's administration has been unable to craft high-profile policies that will stand up in court. The administration has lost 79 out of 85 cases involving federal agencies on deregulatory or policy issues tracked by the Institute for Policy Integrity, a think tank connected to New York University School of Law.

  • Citing an Economic Emergency, Trump Directs Agencies Across Government to Waive Federal Regulations

    Even if interest groups battle rollbacks in court, federal officials could just stop enforcing some regulations, said New York University School of Law professor Richard Revesz. “Agencies have a fair amount of discretion of when to bring enforcement actions,” he said.