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  • EPA Releases New Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

    Today, the Environmental Protection Agency released air pollution regulations to lower emissions of 84 different toxic chemicals, including mercury.

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  • EPA releases new Boiler MACT proposed rule

    Today the EPA released a new proposal to curb air pollution from industrial boilers. It’s an update on a version released in March of 2010, but never finalized.

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  • Valuing the Clean Air Act Cover

    Valuing the Clean Air Act

    How Do We Know How Much Clean Air is Worth?

    EPA recently released a study evaluating the costs and benefits of amendments to the Clean Air Act between 1990 and 2020 to see what cleaner air means for human health and the economy. Holladay’s analysis of EPA’s numbers shows that they’re based on sound science.

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  • Long Overdue: EPA and Nitric Acid Plant Regulation Cover

    Long Overdue: EPA and Nitric Acid Plant Regulation

    Nitric acid plants emit dangerous air pollutants that cause illness and alter the climate. This report finds EPA long overdue on a regulatory revision and at risk of allowing major costs to be imposed on the American public.

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  • NYC to phase out most-polluting heating oils

    Mayor Bloomberg recently announced that the city will phase out the use of unrefined oil sludge and the most-polluting grades of heating oil, to be completed by 2030. The new rules target the airborne fine particulate matter from two grades of heating oil that when burned by buildings create more than 85% of the city’s heating oil soot emissions. It’s expected that 10,000 buildings will be affected, as the black smoke billowing from smokestacks that the city says is responsible for killing 3,000 residents each year is eliminated.

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  • EPA Releases Second Prospective Study on Clean Air Act

    The EPA released the third report in its series of cost-benefit analyses of the Clean Air Act today. Titled the Second Prospective Study, this report focuses on the effects of programs implemented after the 1990 amendments to the act.

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  • Jason Schwartz gives testimony on NYC heating oil rule

    Today, the city is conducting hearings on a regulation that the Bloomberg administration released last month to address the soot pollution from residual oil.

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  • Courts order EPA to proceed with boiler rule

    Yesterday, the courts denied EPA’s request to delay on rules that would restrict certain types of air pollution from industrial boilers. We think the message is clear: after two decades of work on this issue, the time for analysis is over.

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  • Public Comments on the Economics of Coal Ash Disposal

    In many places around the nation the toxic sludge leftovers of the coal combustion process are stored in vast unlined pools where poisons can leak into groundwater. Sometimes, like in Kingston, Tennessee, these holding pens break letting loose an avalanche of black poisonous muck.

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  • Comments on EPA’s Transport Rule

    Today, Policy Integrity offered suggestions on the EPA’s plans to reduce certain kinds of air pollutants that waft across state lines.

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