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  • Physician’s Conscience Rule Recinded

    Today, the Obama administration rescinded the 2008 Bush-era physician conscience rule, which extended protections to health care providers who refused to provide certain services due to moral or religious objections.

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  • Memo on Myths of Net Neutrality

    In the discourse over net neutrality there are some important facts getting lost in the shuffle. There are strong arguments that weigh in favor of net neutrality, and there are reasonable arguments that caution against it. There is no reason for either side to rely on myths to win support.

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  • Comments on specialized services and wireless in the net-neutrality debate

    Recently, the FCC asked for feedback on two issues: how so-called “specialized services” should be exempted from neutrality protections, if at all, and whether open Internet rules should be applied to wireless services in addition to wireline broadband services.

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  • Response to the European Commission on Net Neutrality

    Today, Policy Integrity submitted comments on net neutrality to the European Commission, Directorate-General for Information Society and Media, (EC) in response to the EC’s “Public Consultation on the Open Internet and Net Neutrality in Europe.”

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  • The Value of Open Cover

    The Value of Open

    An Update on Net Neutrality

    An open Internet allows anyone with an idea and a domain name to add content to the web for all to use. It’s a system that most believe works very well, generating billions in economic benefits for the American public every year. This policy brief analyzes the economic uncertainties of weakening our current, open Internet and sees potential trouble ahead if it is not preserved.

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  • Memo to the Department of Justice on Prison Safety

    The Prison Rape Elimination Act, passed in 2003, was supposed to protect individuals in prison from sexual assault. But seven years after its enactment, it has yet to be implemented.

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  • Economists write FCC to rebut statement from 74 Members of Congress

    On May 24th, 2010, 74 Democratic members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission requesting the halt of net neutrality regulations.

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  • More Residual Risks Cover

    More Residual Risks

    An Update on New York City Boilers

    Up to 259 lives could be saved every year if certain large buildings in New York City stopped burning dirty heating oil. Using newly available data, a reworked analysis finds that residual oil has even greater consequences than estimated in an earlier report.

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  • Public comments in support of safe prisons

    Today is the deadline for public comments on a Department of Justice regulation that would protect individuals in prison from sexual assault.

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  • Comments on FCC Future of Media Project

    Today marks the deadline for comments on the Federal Communication Commission’s Examination of the Future of Media and Information Needs of Communities in a Digital Age, a task force dedicated to solving the crisis in the media. The shift to online news consumption has led to falling revenue, major lay-offs, cuts in coverage, and serious questions about the future of journalism.

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