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  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Structure of the Administrative State
    Academic Article/Working Paper

    Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Structure of the Administrative State

    The Case of Financial Services

    By Richard L. Revesz
    February 22, 2016

    The viability and desirability of conducting cost-benefit analysis of financial regulation is a subject of intense academic debate. Opponents claim that such analysis is feasible for environmental regulation but not for financial regulation because of the difference in the benefits that require monetization in the respective areas. This article, which will be published in a forthcoming edition of the Yale Journal on Regulation, argues that the recent debate misses an important part of the problem. In large part, cost-benefit analysis of financial regulation cannot currently be performed successfully because of institutional shortcomings, not analytical difficulties. Compared to Executive Branch agencies, independent agencies, like the major financial regulatory agencies, lack the capacity to do cost-benefit analyses of acceptable quality. Fortunately, there are good Executive Branch models that could be exported to the financial regulatory agencies.

  • Supporting Survivors

    Supporting Survivors

    The Economic Benefits of Providing Civil Legal Assistance to Survivors of Domestic Violence

    By Jennifer S. Rosenberg and Denise A. Grab
    July 21, 2015

    Evidence indicates that the social costs of domestic violence extend far beyond the private costs borne by victims and their immediate families. Supporting Survivors analyzes the social costs of this public health problem and explores civil legal aid efforts, which have been shown to reduce rates of domestic violence by helping victims obtain protective orders and other services.

  • Navigating Net Neutrality

    Navigating Net Neutrality

    By A.J. Brown and Denise Grab
    May 14, 2014

    The Federal Communications Commission’s ability to protect the open Internet has been limited, due to recent court decisions. This report examines the regulatory options and recommends to FCC a course forward that will best promote the benefits of widespread Internet access.

  • Balanced Justice
    Policy Brief

    Balanced Justice

    Cost-Benefit Analysis and Criminal Justice Policy

    By Jennifer Rosenberg and Sara Mark
    October 19, 2011

    Crime and justice are not usually associated with cost-benefit analysis. But they should be, according to new research. This is especially true in an economic downturn, when government funding is scarce. In “Balanced Justice,” released jointly with the Center for the Administration of Criminal Law, author Jennifer Rosenberg reviews a growing body of research showing that counting the costs and benefits of our nation’s justice system can highlight areas of improvement that can save billions of taxpayer dollars without compromising public safety.

  • Internet Benefits
    Policy Brief

    Internet Benefits

    Consumer Surplus and Net Neutrality

    By J. Scott Holladay, A.J. Glusman, Steven Soloway
    October 3, 2011

    This policy brief describes how a weakening of the principle of network neutrality might impact the Web. Based on an analysis of Internet usage, it finds that Internet infrastructure and content work together to generate huge economic benefits for consumers—possibly as much as $5,686 per user, per year.