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Media Resources

Title Date
Press Release Court Rules Against Bureau of Land Management’s Inadequate Consideration of Climate Effects 09/15/17
Press Release Court Rules Against Trump’s Royalty Reform Freeze 08/30/17
Press Release Experts Challenge Trump’s Claims on Social Cost of Carbon 08/18/17
Issue Brief Why States Can’t Make Up for Inadequate Federal Enforcement of Environmental Laws 06/09/17
Issue Brief Senate Midnight Rules Relief Act 06/01/17
Issue Brief Senate Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act 06/01/17
Press Release Statements and Resources on the Regulatory Accountability Act and Other Bills 05/15/17
Issue Brief Senate Regulatory Accountability Act 05/12/17
Issue Brief House Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act 05/04/17
Issue Brief House Regulatory Accountability Act 05/02/17
Issue Brief House Midnight Rules Relief Act 05/02/17
Press Release Statements on Energy and Climate Executive Order 03/28/17
Issue Brief Social Costs of Greenhouse Gases 02/27/17
Issue Brief Does Environmental Regulation Kill or Create Jobs? 02/27/17
Issue Brief The Importance of Evaluating Regulatory “Co-Benefits” 02/27/17
Press Release Revesz Statement on Regulatory Executive Order 01/30/17
Issue Brief Clean Power Plan State Compliance Fact Sheet 07/31/15
Press Release Supreme Court Sends EPA’s Mercury Rule Back To Circuit Court For Additional Review 06/29/15
Press Release D.C. Circuit Court Rules on Offshore Leasing Case 03/06/15
Press Release Report: Command-and-Control Regulation for Fuel Running on Fumes 04/07/14