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Title Date
New Group Calls on SEC to Strengthen Climate Protections for U.S. Financial System 06/14/21
New Report Highlights Environmental and Consumer-Savings Benefits of Improved Car and Truck Standards 04/22/21
FERC Policy Statement Signals Promise of Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Electricity Markets 04/15/21
Drastic and Rapid Action on Climate Change Is Warranted, Say Vast Majority of Economists 03/29/21
New Report Analyzes Weakening of Environmental Policies During Covid-19 Pandemic 03/26/21
New Report Shows How Resource Adequacy Approaches Can Work as Renewable Energy Expands 03/23/21
Statement on Social Cost of Carbon Announcement 02/26/21
New Report Specifies an Approach for Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure Rules 02/11/21
New Report Details How Federal Agencies Can Improve Climate-Related Environmental Justice Analysis 01/28/21
Statement on Climate-Related Executive Order 01/27/21
Groups Support New York Public Service Commission Plan to Require Utilities’ Disclosure of Risks from Climate Change 12/10/20
New Report Calculates Environmental Benefits of Distributed Energy Resources Nationwide 09/11/20
New Report Details Feasible Policy Solutions for U.S. Transportation Failures 09/10/20
Court Vacates Trump Administration’s Repeal of Fuel-Economy Penalties Rule 08/31/20
Statement on Weakening Oil and Gas Standards 08/10/20
FERC Rejects NERA Petition Threatening Net Metering Programs 07/16/20
Statement on Waste Prevention Rule Court Decision 07/16/20
Statement on GAO Report on Social Cost of Carbon 07/14/20
New Report Examines Economic Claims Behind Trump-Era Deregulation 05/28/20
Report on EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic 05/21/20