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Title Date
Statement on EPA’s Standards for Light- and Medium-Duty Vehicles 03/20/24
Statement on the SEC’s Climate-Related Disclosures Rule 03/06/24
New Report Analyzes Climate Costs and Economic Benefits of LNG Exports 01/26/24
Statement on Clean Hydrogen Tax Credit Proposal 12/22/23
EPA Updates Climate Damage Estimates in New Methane Rule 12/02/23
Statement on Presidential Directive Promoting the Use of Climate Metrics 09/21/23
New Vehicle Standards Will Produce Enormous Benefits for Consumers and the Climate 04/12/23
New Guidance Improves Consideration of Health, Equity, and Environmental Benefits in Regulations 04/06/23
New Guidance Improves Climate Consideration in Environmental Reviews 01/06/23
New Federal Metrics Modernize Climate Damage Estimates 11/11/22
Statement on FERC’s Rejection Of New York Market Rule Changes 09/23/22
Statement on SCOTUS Decision on EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulation 06/30/22
NY to Consider Groundbreaking Climate Change Liability Bill: May 26 Press Conference 05/25/22
Statement on SEC Climate Risk Disclosure Rule 03/21/22
Statement on Court Ruling on FERC Pipeline Review 03/11/22
Statement on SCOTUS Case on EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulation 02/28/22
Statement on FERC’s Changes to Pipeline Review 02/17/22
Statement on Louisiana Social Cost of Carbon Ruling 02/11/22
New Report Clarifies Legal Standards for Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure Rule 01/19/22
Statement on New Clean Car Standards 12/20/21