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Title Date
EPA Lacks Legal Authority to Revoke California’s 2013 Waiver on Vehicle Emissions Standards 08/01/18
New Report Analyzes Electric Grid Resilience and Reveals Flaws in Coal Bailout Plan 08/01/18
Statement On Fuel-Efficiency Standards Lawsuit; New Report On Economics Of EPA Decision 05/01/18
Court Strikes Down Trump Administration’s Move To Weaken Fuel-Economy Violation Penalties 04/27/18
New Report Highlights How Energy Storage Could Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions 04/25/18
Statement on Injunction of BLM’s Methane Waste Suspension Rule 02/23/18
Statement on FERC’s Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Rule 02/15/18
Statement of FERC Grid Resilience Announcement 01/08/18
Statement of Offshore Leasing Proposal 01/04/18
Clean Power Plan Legal Background 11/27/17
Statements and Resources on Clean Power Plan Repeal 10/09/17
Statement on Waste Prevention Rule Court Decision 10/06/17
Court Rules Against Bureau of Land Management’s Inadequate Consideration of Climate Effects 09/15/17
Court Rules Against Trump’s Royalty Reform Freeze 08/30/17
Experts Challenge Trump’s Claims on Social Cost of Carbon 08/18/17
Why States Can’t Make Up for Inadequate Federal Enforcement of Environmental Laws 06/09/17
Senate Regulatory Accountability Act 05/12/17
Statements on Energy and Climate Executive Order 03/28/17
Social Costs of Greenhouse Gases 02/27/17
Revesz Statement on Regulatory Executive Order 01/30/17