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Title Date
Statement on the SEC’s Climate-Related Disclosures Rule 03/06/24
Statement on FTC Proposed Rule to Ban Hidden Fees for Consumers 10/11/23
Statement on New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Power Plants 05/11/23
New Vehicle Standards Will Produce Enormous Benefits for Consumers and the Climate 04/12/23
FTC Grants Petition to Address Hidden Fees for Consumers 10/20/22
New Report Offers Path for Limiting Unwanted User Data Retention 05/31/22
Statement on SEC’s Proposed New Requirements for ESG Funds 05/25/22
NY to Consider Groundbreaking Climate Change Liability Bill: May 26 Press Conference 05/25/22
New Report Offers Path for Addressing Health Risks From Gas Stoves 04/11/22
Statement on New CAFE Standards 04/01/22
Statement on SEC Climate Risk Disclosure Rule 03/21/22
Statement on New Clean Car Standards 12/20/21
New Report Offers Path for Limiting Pollution From Appliances 10/25/21
New Petition Urges Federal Ban on Hidden Fees for Consumers 07/07/21
New Group Calls on SEC to Strengthen Climate Protections for U.S. Financial System 06/14/21
New Report Highlights Environmental and Consumer-Savings Benefits of Improved Car and Truck Standards 04/22/21
New Report Specifies an Approach for Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure Rules 02/11/21
New Report Details Feasible Policy Solutions for U.S. Transportation Failures 09/10/20
Statement on Title X “Gag Rule” Court Decision 09/03/20
New Report Examines Economic Claims Behind Trump-Era Deregulation 05/28/20