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  • Economists and Climate Change Cover

    Economists and Climate Change

    Consensus and Open Questions

    Economists and Climate Change: Consensus and Open Questions describes and analyzes the results of a survey sent to 289 economic experts on climate change. Over 84% of the respondents to the poll said that the effects of global warming will create significant risks to important sectors of the United States and global economies.

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  • Economist survey on the costs of climate change

    In response to widespread concern about the economic effects of climate change legislation, Policy Integrity conducted a survey to determine the views of top economists about the wisdom of pursuing greenhouse gas limits. Questionnaires were circulated to every economist who had published a climate change related article in a top-20 economics journal over the past 10 years.

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  • Comments in support of changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard program

    Changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard program were proposed by EPA in response to directives from Congress—if adopted, the rules will require that a higher percentage of transportation fuel sold in the United States be derived from renewable sources, such as corn‐based ethanol or biomass‐based diesel.

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  • Legal petition to EPA to adopt cap-and-trade for vehicle emissions

    Policy Integrity filed a legal petition with the EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to propose and adopt regulations instituting a cap-and-trade system to control greenhouse gases emissions from fuels used in vehicles. This petition takes aim at emissions from all vehicles, which account for 36% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

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  • Comments to EPA in support of emissions findings

    Policy Integrity submitted comments to EPA in support of the agency’s proposed findings that motor vehicle emissions of greenhouse gases contribute to dangerous air pollution. The comments also highlight some important issues for the agency to consider as it moves forward and call EPA’s attention to some legal obligations that will not be satisfied by the proposed endangerment findings alone.

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  • Letter in support of the Cap and Dividend Act

    Policy Integrity released a letter of support for HR 1862. This bill, known as the Cap and Dividend Act of 2009, proposes a system of curbing greenhouse gas emissions that auctions carbon allowances and refunds the proceeds to American households.

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  • Unlocking the Green Economy Cover

    Unlocking the Green Economy

    How Carbon Pricing Can Open the Floodgates of Private Investment in Clean Energy

    Unlocking the Green Economy: How Carbon Pricing Can Open the Floodgates of Private Investment in Clean Energy calls for the Obama Administration to implement carbon pricing as a necessary step to transition to a green U.S. economy.

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