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  • Request for cost-benefit analysis of Waxman-Markey bill

    During the congressional debate over the climate legislation proposed by Reps. Waxman and Markey, the EPA published several costs estimates for the bill. But the agency was never asked to estimate the corresponding benefits.

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  • Comments on New York state electricity subsidies

    New York State subsidizes the electricity bills for some companies as a way of encouraging them to keep their business here.

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  • Letter in support of the Cap and Dividend Act

    Policy Integrity released a letter of support for HR 1862. This bill, known as the Cap and Dividend Act of 2009, proposes a system of curbing greenhouse gas emissions that auctions carbon allowances and refunds the proceeds to American households.

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  • The Road Ahead Cover

    The Road Ahead

    EPA’s Options and Obligations for Regulating Greenhouse Gases

    This detailed legal analysis provides an in-depth and thorough discussion of greenhouse gas regulation under the Clean Air Act answering the questions: What are EPA’s obligations under the Clean Air Act, and how far can and should the agency go to regulate greenhouse gases?

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  • Comments against draft oil drilling plan

    Within weeks of Congress allowing longstanding offshore drilling bans to lapse, oil prices took a nose dive, which quieted the calls to “drill here, drill now.” However, before leaving office, the Bush Administration released a draft drilling plan that is being taken up by the Obama Administration.

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  • Motion for leave against hazardous truck driver rules

    In November 2008, just weeks before President Obama took office, the Bush Administration finalized a rule increasing the amount of time truck drivers can spend behind the wheel—creating a possible public health and safety hazard. The rule allows truck drivers to drive for 11 hours, one more hour than they were allowed before 2003, and allows them to drive as many as 77 hours in seven days or 88 hours in eight days, over 25 percent more than previously allowed by federal law.

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  • Policy Integrity’s recommendations incorporated into EECA report

    Today, Policy Integrity received favorable feedback on comments we submitted on draft EPA Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses supporting positive changes made in the new draft and suggest additional improvements. The document has been an influential resource for EPA’s consideration of regulatory costs and benefits.

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  • Comments in support of the rescission of the Physician Conscience rule

    With litigation pending by ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the State of Connecticut and six other states against the physician conscience rule, the new Obama Administration proposed a rescission of the rule. Policy Integrity joined the coalition to submit comments in support of that action.

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  • Legal memorandum on stopping midnight regulations

    Shortly after his inauguration, President Obama took steps to halt the adoption or implementation of regulations that went into the pipeline during the final days of the Bush Administration.

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  • Fixing Regulatory Review Cover

    Fixing Regulatory Review

    Recommendations for the Next Administration

    Fixing Regulatory Review: Recommendations for the Next Administration provides a set of recommendations for the Obama Administration to improve the process of regulatory review. It includes ten principles that should inform regulatory review and cost-benefit analysis of regulation, as well as a detailed markup of the Executive Order signed by President William Jefferson Clinton that established the structure of review that is currently in place.

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